Software (Apps) Development

We can write any kind of software, we use a combination of languages from C# to C++, with JAVA, SQL, and many others. We have only 30 years experience in software development.

Database Designs

This is where we exceed we have developed our own custom Entity Relationship Drawing Tool that creates a Database Definition File that can be used to generate SQL Scripts to create the Database. We are Microsoft SQL Server specialists with over 20 years in experience.


We have developed many different types of interfaces in the past, from Robotic label printing, to probe data imports, Accounting Packaes, SCADA and PLC programming on Temperature Systems to Electronic Scale Measurements.

Mobile Development

Software Development in this area is changing all the time, we can develop cross platform applications that support IOS, Android and Window Phone.

About Me

Formally trained in Telecommunication electronics, I went on to be a Computer Programmer on IBM Mainframes in Adabas/Natural Language then into DB2/Cobol Programming. After 16 Years in Mainframe Computer Applications with Telstra mainly in Finance Systems, I went into C++ Programming using Microsoft Visual Studio, and SQL Server. During this time I have worked for many government, large corporations and small business in many different fields of business. A Total of over 30 different software applications have been developed.

In 2003 I was a Finalist in the Tasmanian Industry Achievement Award in Software Development.

Successfully raised capital of over $450,000 to start a new Software IT company.
Received Grants of over $100,000 in Software Development.
Written many Articles published in leading Aquaculture Magazines.
Have developed 7 different software systems for the Aquaculture Industry and used by over 40 customers worldwide.
Over 22 years in Software Development, Project Management, Project Leadership, previously worked overseas for NEC in Japan, USA.
20 Years Experience in SQL Programming and Database Modeling.
And now present I am developing in Microsoft Visual C# still with SQL Server and mostly in Finance Applications.
I love project application work so please contact me with any software development you may need.

Aquaculture Software Development

Several Years ago I developed a Stock Management System for the Aquaculture Industry for Houn Aquaculture Pty Ltd a local Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Fish Farm. During this time I went on and created a new company called Aqua Assist Pty Ltd. It worked out well for a few years and I developed many new systems for Hatcheries, Sea Food Processing Plants, Feed Manufacturing Software, Environment Monitoring, and new Stock Management Systems for Abalone, Native Fish, Tuna etc.

Finance Software Development

I have been a software programmer for the Westpac Bank for the last 3 years to date. During this time I have been working in file format conversions of many of the Finance Industry standards in payment transfers between banks and Large Corporations. The software development platform is the New C# Language using Microsoft Visual Studio Software and XML Language. I have worked with some of the biggest companies and banks in the World during this time including COCO COLA, Standard Chartered Bank of Singapore, Deutsche Bank and many others

Construction Software Development

I am currently employed part time in the biggest construction company in Tasmania Hazell Brothers I have developed for them a ERP system written in Visual C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio Software. The software drives all of the booking systems for the company and does Invoicing , Key Performance Reporting, Traceabilitiy, Profit and Loss, Finance Integration with Microsoft Dynamics. The system is fully object orientated and designed in a CASE computer aided software engineered tool.

Software Development

We are a Software Develoment House

Database Design

Let us design your database and application.


We can write code to interface with virtually any system or device.

Mobile Development

We develop your app for IOS , Android and Windows Phone.

Data Transformation

We can do analysis of your data and transform it to other file formats.

Cloud Services

We can provide fully cloud enabled apps.

Web Sites

We write websites and provide web hosting services.

Business Analysis

Let us analysis your existing systems and provide new and improved procedures for you business.


From conceptual design to develop and maintain we provide it all.