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Software (Apps) Development

We can write any kind of software, we use a combination of languages from C# to C++, with JAVA, SQL, and many others. We have only 30 years experience in software development.

Database Designs

This is where we exceed we have developed our own custom Entity Relationship Drawing Tool that creates a Database Definition File that can be used to generate SQL Scripts to create the Database. We are Microsoft SQL Server specialists with over 20 years in experience.

Mobile Development

Software Development in this area is changing all the time, we can develop cross platform applications that support IOS, Android and Window Phone.

Hazell Brothers Civil Construction Company

Hazell Brothers Civil Construction

Software Developer of a C++ C# ERP System for Transportation, Civil Construction, Quarry and Concrete, Equipment Hire and Service, Finance Reporting, Work Order Management, Fuel Reporting, Crane Hire and other in house Software Development. Very large BI Data Extract for Data Mining Project for KPI Reporting. Great job great people ...

Elliotts Crane Hire

Elliotts Crane Hire

Online Website Booking System for Crane Hire and Specialty Transportation, Service Booking written in C# Language, SQL Database Back End, Devexpress Controls and Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosted Web and Database.

Spectran Environmental

Spectran Environmental

Online Website Booking System for Transportation, Earth Moving, Waste Management, Service Bookings and Traffic Management written in C# Language, SQL Database Back End, Devexpress Controls and Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosted Web and Database.

Westpac Banking Corporation

Westpac Banking Corporation

Software Development of a replacement of the eGate payment processing system which currently processes around 450,000 payment transactions, around 660 Million dollars per year. The replacement software is written in Microsoft Visual C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The interfaces written in C# are for the Deutsche Bank from Germany and the Standard Chartered Bank of Singapore. Electronic banking statements in MT940 file format and payment processing in XML for Coca Cola New Zealand, General Electric Corporate Treasury, Bank of Tokyo, Caltex Australia, FairFax, GE Money, LayBy Services and REX Regional Airlines. C# Language Programming, BI SQL Data Extraction.

Collection Corporation of Australia

Collection Corporation of Australia

C++ C# Software Development, SQL Reporting, Solution Architecture of LAN / WEB / MOBILE Finance Application. Database Administration. Network Administrator, Terminal Server Specialist. Database Administration, Database Developer, Business Analyst, Interface Development with Courts systems in Australia.

Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots

Developed the Data Warehouse and Cubes for Sales and Orders to interface with new JetReports Spreadsheets for Sales and Orders across Australia, Asia, USA and the rest of the International Community. SQL Report writing, and Business Intelligent Data Mining.

Database Design and Back End Processing

We are experts in the field of database design, we can take your conceptual idea and turn it into a fully fledged third normal form database model. We love Microsoft SQL Server and consider Microsoft AZURE the best cloud hosted solution for yor database.

Having worked for many customers, gives us expertise in system integration and interfacing we can work on many file formats with many systems and can plug in many different adapters to gel the systems together.

Entity Database Model Example

Other Support Services

Email / SMS Integration using automation within your website or application

Website Maintenance and enhancements

Security Detailed Analysis

Payment Gateway Integration

Cloud Hosted Integration with Microsoft Azure Platform.